Proposals to consult residents of Johnstone Castle on housing regeneration plans are to be considered by Renfrewshire Council.

If approved by the Housing and Community Safety Policy Board on Tuesday 11 March, tenants and residents will be invited to give their views on a regeneration strategy which could involve potential demolition of a number of tenement flats in the area and the construction of new housing in their place.

A report to the board explains that most of the Council owned properties in the area are tenement flats and many of these are thought to have reached the end of their useful life.  The Council wants to develop an ambitious plan for the area which would involve significant investment in building new houses in the area which would be designed to modern standards and to meet local needs.

The addresses proposed for demolition would be:

  • 67-109 and 155-157 Elm Drive (odd numbers)
  • 1-13 Maple Drive (odd numbers)
  • 18-22 Tower Road (even numbers)
  • 45 Sycamore Avenue
  • 2-26 Cedar Avenue (even numbers)

In addition, it is proposed that the lock-ups at Elm Drive/Spruce Avenue and at Maple Drive are also to be considered for demolition.

Councillor Tommy Williams, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Housing and Community Safety Policy Board, said: “There is a severe lack of demand for tenement properties in Johnstone Castle, as a result there are a high percentage of empty flats and often a high turnover of those which are let.

“In addition, these tenement buildings are reaching the end of their lifespan with an estimated £2.5million of works required to upgrade them over the next 5 – 10 years.

“Given this significant cost and the fact that there is such low demand for long-term housing of this type in the area, it makes sense to look at alternative options that would meet the strong demand for terraced and semi-detached properties.

“We are inviting everyone living at these addresses to share their views on these proposals with the council.”

If approved by the board, the council will hold two drop-in sessions in Johnstone Castle Community Centre on:

  • Tuesday 18th March between 1pm and 4pm and
  • Wednesday 19th March between 3.30pm and 6.30pm

All tenants and residents of the addresses listed above are invited to drop in and speak to Housing Services staff at any point within these times.

The council’s housing staff are also keen to speak to tenants and residents of the tenement flats at 21-31 Pine Crescent and 47-49 Sycamore Avenue.  These properties are not included in the demolition proposals but the officers are keen to hear the views of tenants and residents living at these addresses.

Councillor Williams said: “Once we’ve gathered feedback from the tenants and residents affected a further report will come back to the board later in the year.

“The views gathered during this consultation period are therefore extremely important so we are keen to speak to as many people as possible over the coming weeks.”

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