If you were wondering how we (Renfrewshire) all voted in the European Parliamentary Election Results have a look below, it’s interesting reading.

Like the rest of Scotland and the UK local voters changed their voting a little and UKIP got 12% of the Renfrewshire vote. 

Electorate  123,019
Total votes cast  45,614
Percentage of poll  37.1%


Party vote breakdown:

Name  Votes cast
 Britain First  512
 British National Party  363
 Conservative Party  5,777
 Labour Party  16,021
 Liberal Democrats  1,508
 No2EU  302
 Scottish Green Party  2,810
 Scottish National Party (SNP)  13,499
 United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)  4,748
 Ballot papers rejected  74
 Total Votes  45,614


Source: Renfrewshire Council