Supermarket chain The Co-operative food  have said their store in Johnstone is to close down for good.

The supermarket based in the Houston Court shopping arcade said that the store will be closed for Christmas due to “trading performance”.

The store currently employees 26 people and JVMB was told that staff found out about the fate of their jobs recently in a meeting.

The store should be closed sometime in November.

A JVMB reader contacted us to say that they found out they were loosing their job by reading it on Facebook and was really angry.

The Co-operative food worker told us: “Apparently the store is to be closed for Christmas. This is the worst time for anyone.

“I will probably be unemployed until after Christmas and I’m worried sick how I will be able to afford to look after my family.”

Johnstone’s Co-operative food store to close in 22nd November 2014
Johnstone’s Co-operative food store to close in 22nd November 2014


A spokesperson for Co-operative food said: “Staff at the store have been informed of the decision, which has been taken with the greatest reluctance and is due to the store’s trading performance.

“It is not in anyway a reflection on the commitment and hard work of the store team.

“Every effort is being made to redeploy as many as possible of the 26 members of staff, nine full-time and 17 part time within the Co-operative Group, or to help them find alternative employment.

“We intend to divide the shop space into smaller units and we’re in discussions with potential occupiers.”

It’s not clear what’s happening to Peacocks of if they will take on one of the new units.