St Columba’s School in Kilmacolm has welcome world-renowned Artist and art educator Ian Murphy to the School.

In addition to twenty four of their own artists they invited the Head of Art from Kelvinside Academy to join them with eight of her keenest pupils who participated in an engaging workshop hosted by the artist.

Ian shared not only his technical skills, but also his enthusiasm and creative energy for the production of Fine Art pieces.  He reinforced the need to engage at every level of Art, from deciding on the size, colour and shape of paper to the subject being drawn and whether it should be increased in scale or reduced in scale from its original size.

The artists were taught to consider how to hold the drawing tool and the kind of action each movement would make as a result.  They learned how to prepare grounds, to add pictorial images whilst considering composition, to distress the paper, to add energy and movement to paper, to work in layers, to subtract and add again through a constant rhythmic process leading to the creation of confident and personal responses.

Ian’s fondness for materials and tactile surfaces was evident as the class worked with a range of mixed media, newspaper, brown paper, cartridge paper, tissue paper, PVA glue, sandpaper, fine pens, permanent and non-permanent, graphite powder, graphite sticks, erasers, inks, bleach, acrylic paint and much more.

Isabell Hemphill, Head of Art at St Columba’s School who invited the artist said, “This was a truly fantastic opportunity to learn from such an inspirational industry expert who often speaks of his creative passion to the likes of the BBC, the National Society for Education in Art & Design, and the British Council.

“To experience the creative journey from sketchbook through to the finished canvas with Ian Murphy is something that will stay with these young artists for a very long time.”