Did you know that Paisley town centre has Scotland’s finest and best preserved tunnel dating back to the mid-fourteenth century?

Excavation leader Bob Will of Guard-Archaeology will disclose just how it was discovered when he speaks at Paisley & District University of the Third Age (U3A)’s next monthly meeting.

U3A Chair Kathleen O’Donnell, said: “This is an enjoyable way to find out more about archaeology and local history. Beneath the ground we regularly walk on are probably objects hidden for centuries that might reveal how people lived in the past. It will be fascinating to hear more about the Paisley Abbey Drain and the current Big Dig project.”

Guest speaker Bob Will, who leads up the Big Dig archaeological work remarked: “We have found more than I was expecting and it is really exciting. In 2019 we found the end of the drain and what was the boundary wall of the monastery. There is potential for a permanent visitor attraction where the public can go inside the Paisley medieval drain rather than a limited number being able to see it on Doors Open Day in September.”

Paisley & District U3A is a self-help learning co-operative for semi and fully retired people. It is part of a UK-wide and international educational movement. It is led by local volunteers who share new and fun ways of learning together in later life. Scotland already has 54 U3As and this number is growing.

This free educational event is at 2pm on Thursday 5th March in the Salvation Army Hall, Mill Street, Paisley. More details at: https://u3asites.org.uk/paisley/welcome.