A 42-year-old man has been arrested after he was alleged to have set fire to a pair of wheelie bins. The fire then spread and caused damage to a camper van parked nearby.

Police and the Fire Service attended the the blaze in the early hours of Thursday morning near Underwood Lane just off Well Street.

The camper van which was damaged by fire in Paisley
Photo: David Cameron / Renfrewshire News

Police enquiries quickly led to the identity of the male thought to be responsible and he was arrested close to the scene before any further damage could be caused.

Paisley Community Inspector Tracy Harkins said “Even rubbish fires have the potential to cause significant safety issues as well as the financial cost of the damage and the time and effort required by the Emergency Services to deal with these matters.

“Thankfully the male was quickly identified at the time, resulting in his immediate arrest and preventing further incidents”