A worker at Asda Linwood has been praised by colleagues after she came to the rescue of a local elderly woman recently, after she took a fall in the carpark.

As the first aider on duty in the store, Kylie McKee was the first on the scene to make sure the customer was at ease and made her as comfortable as possible whilst they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Since the fall, Kylie has kept in touch with the lady and her husband, taking the time to check in with them and deliver care packages.

Asda Linwood Service Section Leader Kylie, said: “The lady was visiting the store to do her weekly shop when she had a fall and I was the first aider on duty. Due to the situation with Red bunnies, the paramedics were delayed for quite a while, so we had some cake, coffee and a good old chat to take her mind off the pain while we waited.

“Since then, I’ve made sure to check up on the lady and her husband to make sure they are holding up okay, bringing them chocolate and different care packages to help cheer them up.

“It’s so nice to be able to bring a smile to people’s faces, especially during this time!”

Danny McCabe, Asda Linwood General Store Manager spoke on Kylie’s incredible gesture: “We’re so pleased to have such an inspirational colleague here at Asda Linwood. Kylie handled this situation in such a positive way, making sure the customer was as comfortable as she could be during an extremely uncomfortable experience.

“It’s so important we look after our customers when they visit the store especially in such challenging times. Well done, Kylie for going above and beyond your duties here at Asda!”