Grassroots Suicide Prevention have launched an upgrade to their life-saving StayAlive app in time for World Suicide Prevention Day today, with support in Scotland from Men’s mental health charity, Brothers In Arms.

Since its launch in 2014 the app has been downloaded over 150,000 times and received several awards for its positive impact. It can be accessed via the Brothers In Arms website, and provides a range of tools and information to people struggling with suicidal thoughts as well as to those who want to support someone at risk. The charities have been working closely together since 2017 to provide this support to men throughout Scotland.

Scottish charity, Brothers In Arms, was established in 2017, supporting men and families through the provision of easily accessed, free, online mental health tools, such as the StayAlive app, as well as access to mental health professionals.

Photo: Brothers In Arms founder Dan Proverbs

By providing easily accessible online help, Brothers In Arms hopes to intervene to help men and their loved ones work through any mental health issues they may have before they get to crisis point. This is particularly important in smaller towns and cities in the north of Scotland as a lack of support infrastructure can act as a barrier to men getting the help they need, when they need it.

The most recent upgrade from Grassroots Suicide Prevention comes following a consultation with users on how best to improve the already award-winning app and has seen the addition of a web-based app, not to mention even more resources, tools and information to help users stay safe.

The upgrade was funded by the Crisis Care Concordat and the Beyond Places of Safety scheme from the Department of Health & Social Care. As part of the project Grassroots Suicide Prevention commissioned an independent evaluation report from the Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network which showed that the app has helped 76% of at-risk users to protect themselves from suicide.

Kieran Woods, head of fundraising at Brothers In Arms, said: “Brothers In Arms aim to help as many men as possible throughout Scotland work through mental health issues before it’s too late, so apps such as StayAlive help us provide immediate support which can be easily accessed no matter where users are based.

“This app is available via our website which is really important to us as it means men in more remote parts of the country are able get the help they need which is not always as easy to access as it is in bigger cities. Further to this, the recent pandemic has underlined the need for more digital support systems like the ones we provide as people were unable to visit the groups and professionals which they rely on to get them through difficult times.”

Alex Harvey, Acting Chief Executive of Grassroots, said: “We’re really excited to be launching this upgrade of StayAlive. We know the app has already had a real, life-saving impact for many people, and hope the new features will increase its power to help those at risk of suicide, and those who want to support them.”

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