A team of experienced volunteer speakers is going digital to ensure Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) takes its life-saving story to thousands of people across Scotland.

Each year, the charity – which operates two helicopter air ambulances based at Perth and Aberdeen – gives hundreds of talks to businesses, groups and organisations.

With Covid restrictions calling a halt to public gatherings, however, a full summer schedule of presentations by the frontline emergency responders was shelved.

Now SCAA is turning to technology to share the story of their vital emergency pre-hospital care service and it can be delivered to groups anywhere in Scotland.

“Presentations on the work of SCAA have proved hugely popular in every corner of the country,” explained SCAA’s Fundraising and Communications Director, Nick Harvey.

“While our crews continued to provide their life-saving service seven days a week throughout the pandemic, we were sorry to have had to cancel many promised talks as the restrictions took hold,” he said. “Now we can deliver the same presentation virtually – straight into any group’s online meeting.”

Many groups and organisations are now holding their regular gatherings via digital platforms such as Zoom. And remote guest speakers have become part of their regular meetings.

“SCAA has already delivered several talks this way and we want to spread the message that we’re available to give presentations to groups anywhere on Scotland’s mainland or her many islands – even to ex-pat groups abroad if asked,” said Nick.

“Spreading the word about our work is vital to securing support for the service and encouraging fundraising and giving.

“SCAA relies entirely on public donations to fund what is a vital service for the people of Scotland and talks about our life-saving work have provided a valuable income stream in the past.

“Through our remote presentations we can offer businesses, groups and organisations a visually engaging and fascinating insight into the work of Scotland’s only charity-funded air ambulance service,” explained Nick.

SCAA would be delighted to hear from any groups interested in organising an online presentation by emailing fundraising@scaa.org.uk or calling 0300-123-1111