Two councillors have praised the raising of kerbs at bus stops in the Foxbar area of Paisley.

The work, recently carried out on Foxbar Road, has been welcomed by SNP Cllr Stephen Burns and colleague Cllr Lorraine Cameron as it will assist elderly residents getting on and of the bus.

It is also expected to make it easier for wheelchair users and for prams to get on and off the bus much safer.

Councillor Burns said he was pleased with the work and looks forward to seeing Glenburn Road being done next.

He said: “I understand the issues many wheelchair uses face and it’s only right the correct provisions are put in place including where possible be it raised kerbs at bus stops or dropped kerbs been installed.”

Councillor Lorraine Cameron added: “This will make so much different to many residents who use public transport and any additional infrastructure that helps the Community is worth the the investment.”

Cllr Burns hopes to keep pushing Renfrewshire Council to have raised kerbs outside St Paul’s School and in and around the Brediland Road area of the town.