Neil Bibby MSP has challenged the Scottish Government to hold an inquiry into Covid care homes “now, not later.”

In Scotland, over 2000 older people died from coronavirus with care homes making up over half of all deaths in the country.

A recent Public Health Scotland report it was found that 123 people had been discharged into care homes after testing positive with the virus and thousands of others were discharged without any testing at all.

The Scottish Parliament voted for an immediate public inquiry into Covid in care homes.

Bibby, a West Scotland Labour MSP has called on the Scottish Government and Minister for Older People “to respect the democratic will of the Scottish Parliament and initiate an immediate public inquiry.”

Neil Bibby told Renfrewshire News: “2,000 older people have sadly died of Covid in Scotland’s care homes. Every one of those deaths is a tragedy.

“Over one hundred Covid positive and thousands of untested patients were discharged into unprepared care homes, putting residents and staff at risk from this appalling virus.

“The Scottish Government were also slow on PPE, slow on testing and slow to respond to the concerns of frontline care home workers.”

He added: “We need an urgent public inquiry into the Covid crisis in our care homes. It must address the concerns of care home staff, residents and families. Lessons must be learned as soon as possible to give us confidence in measures to protect residents.

“This inquiry needs to happen now, not later. We need to understand the decisions made by Ministers and the outcomes. The SNP government is dodging responsibility when it comes to care homes and leaving families without answers such as when Nicola Sturgeon first knew about the discharge policy. What happened in our care homes can never happen again.”

Main Photo: Neil Bibby