Today is Social Enterprise Day, a day that is used to raise awareness of how organisations work as social enterprise and to highlight their stories.

The campaign has grown to become a truly global campaign and has helped build solidarity across the social enterprise community and Social Enterprises around the world use the day to take their message out to a wider audience.

Karen Miller, Office Manager of Shopmobility Paisley & District, told Renfrewshire News: “This is a great time to highlight the value of social enterprises across Paisley, Renfrewshire and Scotland.

“2020 has been a year full of challenges for the social enterprise sector but across the world we have seen social enterprises respond to the pandemic in inspiring ways –  innovating, changing their business models and doing all they can to support the communities they work in. This campaign is also a chance to share the inspiring ways you have been responding to the COVID crisis.

“Shopmobility Paisley & District have updated our health and safety procedures so that we are Covid Compliant, ensuring the safety of our members, staff and volunteers.”

She added: “We know the difference we make to our members, how we give them back their freedom and we are open for business to help them overcome any mobility problem they may have.”

Main Image: Karen Miller, Office Manager of Shopmobility Paisley & District (photograph from last year)