A well-known angler’s encounter with a bloodthirsty three-year-old is relived in a new book.

Fishing writer and novelist Mike Kernan tells how he had just caught a trout on the River Gryffe in Houston when he was approached by the girl, who was there with her dad.

In his book, Fishing In The Sun, he dubs the girl a “little zombie” because of the chilling request she made.

Mike said: “She came over and introduced herself politely, told me her age and asked if she could first see the fish and then touch it.

“I gave her dad a wave and nod and told her to go ahead, then she asked quite boldly if she could have the fish.

“I told her it was for my wife’s dinner but promised that if I caught another one, I would give it to her.”

Photo: Mike Kernan who has recently released his second book

The girl seemed happy enough with that and started wandering over to her dad – but she stopped abruptly and turned back.

Mike, who lives in Largs in North Ayrshire, added: “She came straight up to me and asked how I’d despatched it. The way she put it was, ‘How did you dead it?’

“I didn’t want to give her nightmares so I told her I’d just given it a little tap with a device called a priest.

“She then gave me the coldest look and said, ‘Could you hit it again really really hard so I can see its blood?’

“Never mind the fish’s blood – mine ran cold.”

The incident, which happened about 15 years ago, forms part of a collection of offbeat, thought-provoking and at times hilarious tales is his first non-fiction book Fishing In The Sun.

Mike, 63, is a retired newspaper executive turned writer and university tutor. His debut novel, The Fenian, came out earlier this year.

Mike has been writing for a living since he was 17, as an award-winning journalist on a string of publications from local papers to national dailies. He is now a university tutor and writes an angling column for a national newspaper – which is how he got the idea for his latest book.

To find out more information on Fishing In The Sun, visit www.mikekernan.co.uk. The book is available to purchase and download on Amazon.co.uk.