A test centre for coronavirus (COVID-19) is opening up in Johnstone Town Hall from Wednesday for 7 days.

Not everyone who has coronavirus shows symptoms, they could be asymptomatic and may be passing the virus on to loved ones and others in the community without knowing. The aim of the centre is to find people in Johnstone who are carrying the virus and to slow the rate of it spreading.

Renfrewshire has one of the highest rates of new cases per 100,000 of any local authority in Scotland and Health Secretary Jeane Freeman made the announcement of a pilot testing scheme in Johnstone last week in parliament.

The test is only for residents of Johnstone and anyone without symptoms of COVID-19 is asked to attend. The test is also open to anyone who works or goes to school in the town. Residents in surrounding villages and towns like Elderslie and Kilbarchan are being asked not to attend at this time.

This test can be carried out on children over the age of five but children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Your test results will be sent to your mobile number by text message. If you do not have a mobile, other arrangements to get your results will be arranged.

Do not go to Johnstone Town Hall if you have symptoms of coronavirus, have tested positive for coronavirus in the last 90 days, are self-isolating because you are a close contact of someone who has coronavirus or you were on the shielding list.

Testing is available from Wednesday 2nd to Wednesday 9th December, including Saturday and Sunday, in Johnstone Town Hall, from 8am to 8pm each day. You don’t need to book a test. You can drop into the testing centre when it’s open.

You should walk or cycle to Johnstone Town Hall, if you can. Under the current Level 4 restrictions, you should not use public transport unless necessary. You can travel for healthcare, including taking the test, however, Renfrewshire Council advise you to only travel by public transport if you can’t walk or cycle to Johnstone Town Hall or if no one in your household can drive you there.

If you are travelling by car, you should not share a car with people outside your own household.

There will be no parking on Church street from Wednesday. This is to allow for traffic into Johnstone Town Hall car park. You should only park in the town hall car park if you are going for a test or bringing someone for a test.

There will also be no parking on Parker’s Way. The parking here is reserved for staff at the testing centre. Craigdonald Place will be also closed because the mobile test unit will be set up there.

Every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of everyone at the testing centre. The testing centre will be safe and secure with the strictest infection control in place.

All of the staff in the testing centre will be wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). The town hall has good ventilation, which will help reduce the spread of the virus.

When you arrive you should wear a face covering inside the building and use the available hand sanitiser. Keep physical distancing by following the directions for queues and waiting areas when you register for the test.

If there is a queue you will have to follow the physical distancing markings so you’re at least two metres away from other people waiting to be tested.

The testing involves a lateral flow test which means the test can be done quickly and it can be processed on site, without needing to send it to a laboratory.

You’ll be given a testing kit and directions to a booth. You will get instructions on how to take the test. You’ll perform the test yourself by taking a swab of your mouth and nose. You’ll then place your swab inside a sterile tube and you will give it to a member of staff, who will take it away your sample to be analysed.

You’ll get your test results approximately 45 minutes after you take the test. If you are getting your results by text message, you can leave once you have completed your test. You must go home and wait for your results there. Please do not go shopping or carry out any other activities until you receive your test results.

When you get your results, you will get instructions on what you need to do next, depending on whether your test result is negative, positive or void.

If you get a negative test result, you don’t have coronavirus and you do not need to self-isolate and neither does the rest of your household.

A negative test means you don’t have the virus at that time, but the virus is still out there and you are still at risk of catching and spreading it.

If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be required to take a second test, a PCR test, to confirm your positive test results. A PCR test is considered the most accurate test for detecting infection.

You will then be asked to return to Johnstone Town Hall to take a PCR test at the mobile testing unit. If you are at home and you received a positive test result by text. At this time, you should avoid taking public transport.

If you received a void/inconclusive test result, you will need to return to Johnstone Town Hall to take a PCR test at the mobile testing unit. Avoid taking public transport.

If you test positive after both tests you must self-isolate for ten days from the date you receive the result of your second test. NHS Test and Protect will be in touch with you and you will be asked to identify any close contacts and everyone in your household and any other people you have been in close contact with will need to self-isolate for 14 days from the date of your PCR test.