Company Shop Group, the UK’s largest surplus redistribution organisation which operates the local Company Shop Renfrew, has today revealed that members shopping across all stores over the last year have collectively saved over £64million on their food bills.

Members at Company Shop Renfrew, on Argyll Avenue, saved an estimated £4.6 million collectively on their shopping, with the shelves stacked with food and products that are on average 50% off the normal retail price.

The announcement follows the release of the Group’s latest Corporate Surplus Responsibility report, which tracks, recognises and celebrates the sustainable environmental, economic and social impact delivered by the Group across the industry, and within the communities it serves including in Renfrewshire.

Alongside the massive savings for members, the Group has announced that it has handled and redistributed a huge number of surplus food and products within stores, surging beyond 80 million items in the last year alone to deliver even greater environmental benefits. This has meant saving over 28,000 tonnes of surplus food from needlessly going to waste.

It has also significantly expanded the volume of non-food items it redistributes by over a quarter, totalling 5.7million, meaning that alongside high-quality, low-cost food, Company Shop’s shelves are increasingly stocked with items in the clothing, household and homeware ranges.

Membership to Company Shop is open to those working in the NHS, care and emergency services, social care, prison services, British Armed Forces and FMCG supply chain. During the pandemic, Company Shop has extended its membership to temporarily include almost all key workers, including those working in schools and for the council, as well as permanently for those on means-tested benefits.

All the food and products sold within store are in date and perfectly good to eat but are deemed ‘surplus’ for a variety of reasons – be it wonky labelling, seasonal packaging or overstock. By redistributing this stock and saving it from unnecessarily going to waste, Company Shop sells the items at typically half the normal retail price, which in turn helps to stretch members’ family budgets.

Gillian Robinson, Store Manager at Company Shop Renfrew, said: “At Company Shop Renfrew, our members not only have access to high-quality, low-cost products from big name brands, but by shopping in store they are helping to make a difference to families and communities across the UK, alongside doing their bit for the environment.

“It has been an extraordinary year and we are incredibly proud of our membership base, which is made up of almost all key worker categories, who have done a tremendous job on the front-line. We want to do all we can to ensure as many eligible people sign up for membership so that they can benefit from our offer. I would encourage anyone eligible to go to our website and sign up now so that they can start saving on their shopping and stretch their family budgets.”

With more industry partners, more stock and more stores on the horizon for Company Shop Group, local people who are eligible for membership are encouraged to sign-up online:

Steph McGinty, Managing Director of Company Shop Group, said: “We are really pleased to be celebrating another year where Company Shop Group has generated positive and long-term benefits for our industry, our people and our planet. This includes providing thousands of local people across Renfrew and beyond with access to great products at even better prices.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our brilliant members, colleagues, and industry partners who all play an important role in ensuring we can reduce unnecessary waste, provide great food and products in store, and support our communities.”