An MSP has condemned waiting times at the Royal Alexandra Hospital after 47 people waited for more than eight hours for emergency treatment in a single month at the casualty unit.

This is more than double the target time set by the Scottish Government for the Paisley A&E department.

In the week ending 4th July, 84.9 per cent of patients attending the RAH’s A&E were seen within the target time.

During the week ending 20th June, it was just 81.2 per cent.

Scottish Conservative MSP Russell Findlay is urging the SNP government to ensure patients will be treated at Royal Alexandra Hospital’s A&E within four hours.

Findlay is calling on the SNP to back Scottish Conservative plans for a one-off £600 million investment in the NHS specifically designed to tackle waiting times.

The Conservatives have also called on SNP ministers to urgently look at changing the rules for NHS staff who are double vaccinated and have tested negative but are still having to self-isolate and be off work.

Scottish Conservative MSP Russell Findlay said: “Every single day, RAH staff go above and beyond the call of duty and deserve our immense gratitude, but that does not help alleviate the massive pressure they are under.

“These pressures have become more extreme throughout the pandemic and it’s imperative for the SNP to urgently give NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde the resources needed to treat as many emergency patients as possible within four hours.

“Behind these statistics are real people who suffer pain and discomfort while waiting for emergency treatment.

“SNP ministers should back our plans for a one-off £600 million investment in our NHS to specifically tackle waiting times.

“They must also look at ways in which the rules on self-isolation for fully vaccinated staff can be changed. That is only increasing pressure on other staff and meaning vital health services are not operating at full capacity.

“Prior to the pandemic, the SNP were routinely missing key targets and their record on health was truly abysmal. They need to up their game and ensure that patients don’t continue to be left waiting for hours for urgent treatment.”

Statistics show that 81.6 per cent of emergency patients across Scotland were seen within four hours — lower than the SNP government’s 95 per cent target.

The RAH is of one of eight A&E services operated by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.