The Scottish Government have confirmation that all residents under the age of 22 in Renfrewshire and across Scotland will be eligible for free bus travel from 31st January 2022.

Approximately 930,000 young people will join the third of Scotland’s population who already benefit from free bus travel through the Older and Disabled Persons Free Bus scheme.

Legislative changes to allow the scheme to be extended from its original commitment to provide free travel for under-19s will be introduced to the Scottish Parliament this summer.

Natalie Don SNP MSP for Renfrewshire North and West and Scottish Greens West of Scotland MSP Ross Greer has welcomed the launch date for the scheme.

Natalie Don said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted many youngsters in Renfrewshire North and West so it is pleasing to see the Scottish Government is changing legislation to extend free travel for under-19s to include those under 22 early next year.

“This will be a hugely positive step in removing barriers for young people travelling to their college, university or workplace.

“With many local residents also continuing to benefit from free bus travel through the Older and Disabled Persons Free Bus scheme, this important move clearly demonstrates the SNP Government’s commitment to a fairer, greener transport system which reduces inequalities and makes a valuable contribution towards protecting Scotland’s climate.”

Ross Greer MSP said: “Free bus travel for young people in Renfrewshire will not only be transformational for many families’ finances, it will open up opportunities for young people, and  help tackle the climate emergency by reducing car use.

“What’s more, as we recover from the pandemic, this scheme will be vital in encouraging people safely back onto public transport, to ensure we see a green recovery.

“The Scottish Greens believe public transport should be free at the point of use for everyone. I’m proud that we have been to take Scotland one step closer to that through our work in Parliament.”