Politicians in Renfrewshire have hit out Westminster Government’s decision to cut 13,372 families in Renfrewshire of the £20 Universal Credit uplift.

Renfrewshire South MSP Tom Arthur has blasted the cut as “a crime against decency” and Natalie Don, MSP for Renfrewshire North and West, has described the decision “inhumane”.

Tom said: “This Tory government’s choice to inflict the biggest overnight cut to social security since World War II – hammering people both in and out of work – is a crime against decency.

“The sheer scale of misery they will inflict on 13,372 households in Renfrewshire is horrific. It will have a devastating impact on working families, single parent families, carer families and many others to find or stay in a job, stripping many of the ability to put food on the table or keep warm as we head into winter and with rising energy costs.

“The Tory decision to press ahead with this – with the support of their Scottish MPs – will also take much needed money out of the Renfrewshire economy when it is trying to recover from Covid. The Tories must rethink this inhumane policy.

“While the Scottish Government tries to combat deprivation with game-changing policies like the Scottish Child Payment, these efforts are being cancelled out by constant waves of Tory austerity.

“It is another clear demonstration of the tale of two governments in Scotland – with one at Westminster which cuts social security support during a global pandemic regardless of the consequences, and one at Holyrood which is tackling poverty head on through a range of actions including the Scottish Child Payment.”

Natalie said: “This Tory UK Government’s decision to inflict the biggest cut to welfare since World War II is inhumane and demonstrates that they are completely out-of-touch and simply do not care about the poorest people in Renfrewshire’s communities.

“With food and energy prices already rising, more than 13,000 hard-pressed families across Renfrewshire will be devastated by the Tories’ callous cut to Universal Credit and I dread to think about how many will cope during the winter months as they are driven much deeper into poverty.

“To cut support to people already struggling during a global pandemic, regardless of the consequences, is cruel and heartless, and shows exactly why the Scottish Parliament should has all the social security powers required to protect those that need supported most.”