A jury was urged to convict a man of murdering a missing mum and disposing her body.

Prosecutor Alex Prentice QC told the High Court in Glasgow that George Metcalff was the last person to see Patricia Henry alive.

Mr Prentice highlighted that Patricia failed to contact her daughter Alannah on her 18th birthday and her mother on her 70th.

Jurors were earlier told during the trial that this was “out of character.”

Mr Prentice mentioned the pair were in contact until the day Patti was supposedly murdered before there was a “cessation” from Metcalff.

Metcalff, 71, denies murdering Patrica, known as Patti, 46, at her flat in Girvan, Ayrshire, on Monday 17th November, 2017.

Prosecutors claim Metcalff attacked Patricia, known as Patti, by “means unknown”.

Metcalff is also charged with attempting to defeat the ends of justice between the day of the alleged murder and 22nd February, 2018.

This lists an accusation that he did “conceal and dispose” of Patricia’s body again by unknown means.

The indictment features a number of other charges including the rape of Patricia and a further two women.

Prosecutor Alex Prentice QC told jurors in his closing speech that based on the evidence from witnesses, Metcalff had “control” over Patti.

She was described as “broken” and had mentioned to others that she had been raped by Metcalff in his presence.

It was also mentioned that Patti had made an allegation about Metcalff that he touched her while she was asleep.

Mr Prentice asked jurors why Metcalff would still be involved in Patti’s life despite the allegations she made about him.

He later stated: “This was an extemely vulnerable person who is someone I suggest Metcalff took advantage of.”

Mr Prentice also raised the WhatsApp message Patti had with her daughter in which she claimed he had tried to kill her by strangulation.

The prosecutor remarked on the murder charge allegation which is said to have taken place on 13th November, 2017.

Mr Prentice said: “Metcalff murdered Patti and disposed of items linked to that murder to conceal and destroy evidence to avoid detection, arrest and prosecution.

“As we know, Patti has never been found and on the evidence, the last person to have ever seen her is Metcalff.

“After their last encounter she has never been seen or heard of since.

“The Crown believe that she is dead and this is due to the circumstantial evidence heard.

“Patti wasn’t a person with substantial means.

“She wasn’t a millionaire nor able to fund a life in South America.

“The money in her bank account was never touched beyond 13th November.”

Mr Prentice also made mention that Patti never contacted her daughter on her 18th birthday in January 2018 nor her mother’s 70th a couple of weeks later.

He said: “How did Patti die? There is evidence of contact between Patti and Metcalff.

“He is back and forward to Girvan at all hours sometimes several visits in one day.

“A combination of the evidence would allow you to determine that Metcalff is responsible for her death and took active steps to conceal what happened.”

Jurors were told that Metcalff made further trips to Patti’s flat following the date of the alleged murder – including to collect a bed frame and matress in a hired van.

Mention was made of the pair contacting each other 143 times by call and 54 texts between 1st November and 13th November.

Mr Prentice said: “Why the sudden cessation to contact someone who you drive to see back and forth all that distance?

“Why does he do that? He knows she is dead and he knows that she is at this point.”

Mr Prentice lastly stated: “I ask you to conclude that the only just verdict in this case is one of guilty.”

Iain McSporran QC, defending, told jurors in his closing speech that Patti was known to “exagerate” by her loved ones.

He claimed that jurors should take they took what Patti told them with a “pinch of salt and a large one at that.”

Mr McSporran highlighted evidence from others who claimed Patti said that she “didn’t want to be here.”

He later stated: “In all that happened to [Patti], it did not involve a third party or murder but something else.

“Is George Metcalff a criminal mastermind that Police Scotland’s massive resources couldn’t detect?

“We know there was an intensive search carried out and there is no evidence of that arising – is he that criminal mastermind?”

Metcalff faces a number of other charges including the rape of Patricia and a further two women.

He denies all allegations.

The trial continues before judge Lord Armstrong.