A jury was urged this afternoon to convict a woman by causing the death of a cyclist by dangerous driving.

Jordan McDowall, 21, allegedly caused the death of Kevin Gilchrist, 51, on the A8, Greenock Road, Inchinnan, Renfrewshire, on 28th July, 2018.

It is claimed McDowall, of Erskine, crossed onto the opposing carriageway and collided with Mr Gilchrist, who was riding his bicycle.

McDowall earlier told a jury at the High Court in Glasgow that she could not remember the incident as there was a “gap.”

Prosecutor Paul Kearney QC told jurors in his closing speech to reject any suggestion of loss of consciousness.

The advocate claimed based on earlier evidence heard that it was “unlikely” that she had a “syncopal episode.”

Mr Keaney also cited a professor’s medical report on McDowall which stated that it was “coincidence” to have her only episode at the site of the road traffic collision.

The prosecutor remarked the jurors the words McDowall was heard to have said after the incident.

She is alleged to have repeatedly said: “I’m going to be in so much trouble.”

Mr Kearney said: “What does that tell you with someone with no memory who blacked out?

“Why would you say that you are going to be in so much trouble if you didn’t have a memory of what you did?”

Jurors were told McDowall’s white Ford Fiesta hit a tree at the end of the collision.

Mr Kearney said eye witness Samantha Kilgower noted that McDowall did not brake during the incident.

The prosecutor put this down to the average reaction time for her age group rather than a lack of consciousness.

Mr Kearney also stated that Miss Kilgower claimed there were “no attempts made by the Fiesta to avoid the cyclist.”

Mr Kearney also criticised McDowall for apparently not telling police or medics about lack of memory regarding the collision.

The prosecutor also opened the possibilty of returning a verdict of death by careless driving.

But, he stated that the Crown believe McDowall’s standard of driving “fell below that of a compitent, careful driver.”

Mr Kearney closed his speech by saying: “For reasons clear from the evidence, I invite you to return a verdict of guilty.”

The trial continues tomorrow before judge Lord Armstrong.

Main photo: Accused Jordan McDowall / Image: Spin