The remains of large estate and former home of singer Calum Kennedy on the outskirts of Elderslie.

Leethland House estate, which is eight and a half acres of mossy and mature trees, with ruins and a waterfall has been brought to market by Baird Lumsden, rural property specialists at DM Hall Chartered Surveyors.

The estate is being presented as a residential development and investment opportunity, and while its buildings are now in a state of terminal dilapidation, it is surrounded by open countryside and fringed on two sides by the Patrick Water.

The main building, 21 room, seven-bed property was destroyed by fire in 1977 while Kennedy was asleep inside with three of his daughters when fire struck.

They escaped unharmed and arson was to blame, however, no one was ever caught for the act.

Calum, who passed away 15-years-ago, aged 77, lost all his possessions in the fire. His insurance company never paid out any money for the fire and he later filled a £1.75milion lawsuit but lost the case.

It lies in the heart of the Green Belt between Foxbar and Elderslie.

The only remaining structures at Leethland are the remains of a once-grand estate house built in the Thirties which ran to 21 rooms, a ruined lodge house and the remnants of what was once a gardener’s cottage.

Leethland was bought in 1931 by James McMurchy Greenlees, a wealthy coal exporter and his wife Grace McFarlane Darling. Greenlees was related to the J&P Coats dynasty of Paisley. The rambling villa, in an L-shaped plan, was built by architect Harry Cook, of Paisley.

Leethland was previously listed but the listing was removed in 2019 by Historic Scotland. It is not the subject of any biodiversity or landscape designations. It does, however, contain many mature trees, which may limit the scope of development on the site.

Baird Lumsden commented: Because the site is in the Green Belt, this also limits its development prospects. However, as a previously developed site, it does have potential, and the extent of this can be discussed with Renfrewshire Council, or by contacting Paul Houghton, Director of Planning at DM Hall.

“Offers over £175,000 are invited and should be directed to Jennifer Campbell, of Baird Lumsden at DM Hall.”