Glasgow Artist Gerard M Burns’ painting created for COP26 is on display in the airport terminal.

The ‘Our Future’ painting is on display just after passengers leave World Duty Free in Glasgow Airport’s departure lounge.

Created especially for COP26, this new painting by artist Glaswegian Burns features six children from a primary school in Glasgow’s East End.

Now thousands of passengers and delegates attending the global summit on climate change will be able to see this thought-provoking painting during the next two weeks.

Within Gerard’s paintings the underlying meaning or message is presented to us via breath-taking painterly technique and ‘Our Future’, set against a gritty urban backdrop, is no exception.

Working with oil and canvas and in the dark rich tones which reflect his environment, Gerard’s every-day subjects are imbued with an almost ‘heroic’ stature in the way they are presented. Another thought-provoking piece by Burns – ‘All Our Fears’ – is on display beside the ‘Our Future’ portrait.

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art’s renowned painting department in the mid 80’s, Gerard has forged a reputation as one of Scotland’s most important artists.

Among those to be captured by Gerard are Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland Rugby giant Doddie Weir and former Glasgow Lord Provost Sadie Docherty.

Of the painting, Gerard said: “I hope this painting makes people feel slightly uncomfortable. If COP26 is about anything it’s about the future. Perhaps not my future, but without question my children and my grandchildren’s future.

“It is absolutely appropriate therefor that the focus of the artwork should be on children. After all, they are the ones who will live to face the consequences of our failure to act now.”

The painting went up on Friday afternoon ahead of the start of COP26 and has already attracted lots of attention from passengers.

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