Bruce MacFarlane, the SNP’s candidate in the upcoming by-election for Paisley Southeast wants to reaffirm the commitment that the SNP have made to combating the climate emergency in Paisley.

In 2019 the SNP group at Renfrewshire Council declared a climate emergency and are working towards the target of making Renfrewshire carbon-neutral by 2030.

The world-leading climate change legislation by the Scottish Government sets a target date for 2030 for a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.

The government’s aim to end our contribution to climate change, definitively, within one generation. In June 2019, there was cross-party support for a council motion which declared a climate emergency in Renfrewshire and a working group was set up with members of all political parties to make recommendations on how to make Renfrewshire carbon neutral by 2030.
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The SNP’s MacFarlane has pledged to work with all opposition parties to make sure that Paisley is taking the climate emergency seriously. The SNP have established a £1 million Climate Change Action Fund and the SNP candidate for Paisley Southeast wants to explore what further action can be taken by Renfrewshire Council. Bruce, who graduated from Caledonian University with a degree in Law has said ‘he will go further’ in tackling climate change in Paisley.

SNP candidate for Paisley Southeast Bruce MacFarlane said: “We know that climate change is the most pressing issue that we all face together, and It is great to see local people working with the council to get the most out of their local areas.

“The SNP encourages communities to get involved with innovative initiatives such as the Team Up to Clean Up campaign and they have been a huge success for us here in Paisley, highlighting and reducing our littering and fly tipping and making efforts to end our throwaway culture while bringing residents together.

“Having declared a climate emergency back in 2019, Renfrewshire SNP are completely committed to tackling the climate crisis head on. The establishment of a £1million Climate Change Action Fund, improving active travel routes and, promoting and enabling more use of electric vehicles within the council itself and for the public. These are just some of the actions the SNP have been taking in Renfrewshire Council to meet Renfrewshire’s target to become carbon-neutral by 2030.”

Bruce added: “We can always do more, as is the case globally and it is my hope that if elected on Tuesday 14th December that I will go further in highlighting the climate emergency and work with my colleagues across all parties to explore what further actions we can take as a local government. I want to reaffirm Renfrewshire’s commitment to tackling the climate crisis in light of the Glasgow climate pact. I believe that only the SNP here in Paisley can lead the way to a better, greener future for everyone.”