Councillor Stephen Burns has welcomed news there will be an upgrade of the roads at Brediland Road at Mannering Road junction in Foxbar with a crossing point with a puffin set of lights part of a safer School route.

Renfrewshire Council has identified more than 40 crossings throughout the local authority which will be overhauled and have already picked the first 12 crossings to be changed from Zebra crossings to Puffin crossings

The upgrades, costing £560,000, will be paid for by Renfrewshire Council and part funding by SPT (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport).

Councillor Stephen Burns said “This will make so much difference for kids going back and forward from School and I’m delighted this area has been chosen for a safer route.

“Brediland Road is a very busy with traffic and the new lights will enhance safety of all pedestrians.”