A Renfrewshire councillor has hit out at anti-Covid-19 graffiti that’s been scrawled on a wall at Gallow Green Road in Paisley.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren, along with Cllr Stephen Burns, moved a motion at a meeting of Renfrewshire Council on 4th March 2021 praising the Covid vaccination programme but also condemning an outbreak of similar graffiti which had recently appeared near the Royal Alexander hospital at the time.

It is not known if the recent graffiti is linked to the spray-painting last year.

However, Councillor MacLaren has contacted council officers to get the graffiti removed as soon as possible.

The graffiti at Gallow Green Road reads “Scamdemic: Have a look in the mirror ya fannys.”

Cllr Kenny MacLaren said: “This graffiti is insulting to those who have lost someone from Covid and those who continue to suffer the long term effects of this disease.”

Cllr Kenny MacLaren added: “It was bad enough when the graffiti first appeared last year, but it looked as if those responsible had disappeared. Unfortunately, as the UK Government announced that over 150,000 people have died from the Covid pandemic across the UK we still have some morons spreading lies which could impact on vaccination rates.

“Reports from health boards have highlighted the problem with unvaccinated covid patients taking up beds in hospitals, impacting on the care available to others yet this moron is still spreading lies about vaccinations and the deadly impact of Covid.

“Anyone who has suffered from Covid or who has lost a relative or friend through it must be upset when they see this graffiti – I’ve asked the council to remove this as soon as possible.”