Scottish Labour MSP Neil Bibby has slammed the cost of delayed discharge in Renfrewshire after figures released by Public Health Scotland revealed that it has cost £8.3m over the last five years.

A delayed discharge occurs when a patient, clinically ready for discharge, cannot leave hospital because the other necessary care, support or accommodation for them is not ready.

Statistics revealed by Scottish Labour have shown that the total cost of delayed discharge across Scotland has hit over £1bn over the last eight years.

In total, 31,950 bed days have been lost in Renfrewshire due to delayed discharge between 2016/17 and 2020/21 with a total cost of £8,342,877.

MSP Neil Bibby said: “Never mind the spin and promises, the numbers speak for themselves – SNP incompetence has cost Renfrewshire £8,342,877 in delayed discharge alone.

“For years the SNP promised to end this dangerous and costly practice and for years they have failed.

“It is simply unacceptable to have patients left needlessly stranded in hospital and the public purse drained due to poor provision of care for those leaving hospital.

“Things will only get worse if the SNP fail to deal with the crisis in our social care system.

“This makes the SNP’s failure to give carers a fair deal in this budget all the more damaging.

“Ending this costly and dangerous practice must be top of Humza Yousaf’s priority list as we enter the new year.

“This means properly funding social care in Renfrewshire and giving staff the real pay rise they so badly deserve.“