Yoga teacher Fee Speed has launched a Yoga service aimed at promoting mental and physical wellbeing which tackle challenges faced by children & mums during the pandemic.

The YogaBellies will present a programme of wellbeing classes in a purpose-designed studio called The Right Place which has been designed specifically to introduce children to a Yoga practice and suitable for children from birth until secondary school age.

Owner of SHORTIES Yoga, Fee Speed, said: “The pandemic has been an opportunity for many to stop and take stock of where they are in their careers and do something meaningful.

“For me, seeing my own children and friends struggling with their fitness and mental health was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me – and I decided now was the time I needed to make SHORTIES a reality.”

It is hoped that the classes, alongside the features of the purpose-designed studio, such as sensory lighting and engaging murals, will help children to set positive habits and a develop a strong practice of mindfulness from a young age, something which Fee feels is essential to overcome modern day challenges.

Photo: Children take part in a Yoga class

Fee added: “I came to Yoga later in life after the birth of my daughter – and I really wish I had started when I was a child. To learn parts of Yoga at a young age means that the practice can become instinctive, and it provides coping techniques that are very much needed in a world where
we’re so overstimulated by bad news, screens and technology.

“In fact, the physical part of Yoga can also alleviate stress, anxiety, bad posture and help improve sleep patterns, all while building muscle and strength.”

The SHORTIES Yoga studio shares its space with specialist children’s tutoring service, The Right Place, founded by former headteacher and Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Julie Bell. Julie’s service is aimed at improving attainment in Primary School children who may be experiencing a block to learning in the classroom.

Julie said: “I work one to one with young people to explore their barriers to learning and once those barriers are identified it’s amazing how quickly these can be challenged and overturned and mindsets changed to allow clear and focused learning to take place.”

By combining their experience and passion for improving the lives of children in Renfrewshire and beyond, the studio will become a hub of wellness not just for children, but also for expecting and new Mums with pre and postnatal Yoga classes and specialised Mum & Baby Massage classes on the timetable.

A topic close to her heart, Fee said: “I had two problematic pregnancies and I really wish I had access to classes like SHORTIES back then.

Photo: Fee Speed from SHORTIES

“Nowadays, Mums work right up to their due date and even after giving birth are pulled in many directions which reduces or wipes out the time needed to devote to self care and baby bonding.

“We live in a society where you come home quickly after giving birth in hospital and there’s rarely the extended ‘village’ of women, neighbours, relatives, friends etc to check in and help out.

“Many Mum’s to be and new Mums experience feelings of anxiety but SHORTIES with YogaBellies classes aims to help reduce this isolation and worry and help encourage Mums to practice essential self care as well as building a community of women supporting women.”

SHORTIES Yoga will launch on Thursday, 27th January 2022 at The Right Place, Linwood Road in Paisley with an open evening running from 5pm until 9pm.

Prospective students and their parents are invited to come along and find out more about the classes on offer from Julie & Fee.

Photo: Children in a SHORTIES Yoga class

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