An MSP is encouraging pregnant women who have not yet come forward for their vaccine to do so.

Pregnant women were recently added to the JCVI’s priority groupings list and while uptake of the vaccine may have been slower than the general population at first, the rate of vaccinated pregnant women is now increasing.
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The First Minister confirmed during the most recent Covid statement, that at the last phase of reporting in December, the rate of vaccine uptake among pregnant women was increasing. This will be monitored again in early February where it is expected that this rate will continue to rise.

Natalie Don, MSP for Renfrewshire North and West has welcomed this news, she said: “Pregnancy can be an extremely difficult time in any woman’s life, and this has been especially true during the pandemic.

“Having both a young child and baby myself, I am acutely aware of the difficulties that women have faced and I know that the safety and care of your baby is of the utmost importance. Women’s health and wellbeing needs to be an absolute priority during pregnancy, so I was extremely pleased when the JCVI updated their guidance putting pregnant women into the priority list for their vaccine and booster.

“Pregnancy is hard enough, I don’t want any woman or baby to experience further problems especially if they could have been avoided through vaccination.
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Don added: “I was delighted to hear that vaccine uptake is increasing among pregnant women and I would strongly encourage any pregnant women, if you haven’t already, to get your first, second, or booster to ensure you and your babies have the utmost protection against the effects of Coronavirus. This is the most effective way to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our NHS.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon echoed these sentiments, she said: “Vaccination is the best way to protect against the known risks of Covid in pregnancy for women and babies, including premature birth and admission of women to intensive care.

“Therefore, I urge all those who are pregnant and who have not already done so to book their vaccination as soon as possible. I thank Natalie Don for raising such an important issue.”

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Main Photo: MSP Natalie Don (photo from summer 2020)