Listeners of Erskine Veterans Radio can now tune into local community radio station Paisley 107.5 FM to hear their favourite music and dedicated Erskine shows.

Building on the success in its previous year of broadcasting, Erskine – Scotland’s largest Veterans charity, is keen to expand on Veterans Radio’s core mission of bringing music and joy to Veterans in the charity’s four homes, as well as family and friends across the wider Veterans community.

The new partnership will see Erskine news, requests and interviews reach a wider audience through Paisley FM, the local radio station for Renfrewshire, which broadcasts to nearly 400,000 people.

Every year Erskine supports around 1,000 Veterans and their families, many of whom listening to the radio is part of their everyday routine. As well as offering companionship, it’s a great way to feel connected.

Within Erskine, music plays a large part in the day-to-day life of residents. It has been proven to have a transformational effect on people living with dementia, and the power of music is an essential part of caring for many of the Veterans in the charity’s care.

Thanks to Paisley FM, Erskine listeners will have the opportunity to request music from a catalogue of over 85 million songs from Paisley FM’s massive music library, two dedicated Erskine shows weekly, guest interviews and live broadcast shows throughout the year. This new format is aimed at making Veterans feel more connected with the outside world and giving Erskine supporters the chance to tune in and stay up-to-date with the charity’s news.

Presenters of the twice weekly shows, broadcast on Tuesdays at 12 noon and Saturdays at 2pm, will be Chris Keen and Graham Turnbull who said: “We are looking forward to the opportunity to bring the requests of favourite music to Erskine listeners and to keeping everyone up to date on all the great things that are happening at Erskine’s four homes”.

Erskine Deputy Head of Communications Gordon Stevenson said: “Based on the wholly positive feedback from our entry into the world of radio, we realised that we needed to expand our reach of Erskine Veterans Radio into DAB+. Partnering with another local charity Paisley FM 107.5, allows us to do this, while really engaging at a deeper level with the local community and our many supporters – across Renfrewshire and beyond”.

Fans can listen via Amazon Alexa “Alexa, play Paisley FM”, on web at, and by downloading Paisley FM’s dedicated google Android and Apple apps from the respective app stores.

Veterans, families of residents and Erskine supporters can send messages and dedications by visiting, by emailing or on the Paisley FM mobile app.

You can support Erskine here: