A Renfrewshire politician has welcomed the news that a TV advert, which appeared to encourage people to use their dishwashers at night, has been withdrawn.

SNP Councillor for Paisley Northwest, Mags MacLaren, warned of potential fire risks when an advert for Fairy dishwasher tablets appeared to endorse people to use their dishwashers at night, when the household was asleep.

Cllr MacLaren sits on the Police and Fire & Rescue sub committee of Renfrewshire Council and sees regular reports concerning fires and fire-raising within the county and is fully aware of the dangers of using electrical appliances in the kitchen unattended.

She made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority regarding the advert asking them to note that Fire Services routinely warn of the danger of leaving electrical equipment to run unsupervised during the night or when no one is at home.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have contacted the councillor to inform her, that following her complaint, and similar complaints from others, the company behind Fairy dishwasher tablets, Proctor and Gamble, have decided to withdraw their advert.

Councillor Mags MacLaren said: “I am glad that following my complaint that the company responsible for the Fairy dishwasher tablets has now withdrawn their advert.

“Although I welcome this decision by the company to withdraw their advert, you have to wonder why they even thought it was a good idea in the first place?

“The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service – as well as other similar bodies across the UK – routinely warn of the danger of leaving kitchen appliances on overnight or when the house is empty. It’s staggering to think that whoever is behind this advertising strategy was unaware of the dangers involved.

“I hope this would result in other companies paying greater attention to the health and safety implications of their advertising.”