Malin Newbuild are expanding their workforce at Westway Park in Renfrew thanks to a multi-million-pound contract to deliver a range of safety components for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in Sommerset.

The new contract continues the relationship between The Malin Group and Caley Ocean Systems who have already built and transported six large lifting structures from Westway Park for use by Balfour Beatty at the Sommerset power plant – and who will now collaborate to design, test, build and transport the Isolation Caps required to provide a safety barrier for tunnel construction and ongoing maintenance works.

Gary Mitchelson, General Manager of Malin Newbuild said: “The work at Hinkley Point C is said to be among the most complex marine engineering projects in the world just now, so I’m delighted to again be working with Caley Ocean Systems and Balfour Beatty to support key elements from right here in Renfrew.

“Drawing together engineering expertise across the Malin Group, we are ideally placed on the Clyde to build and transport large structures like this on a build to print or turnkey basis.

“Importantly, working on a project of this size also enables further expansion at Westway, with opportunities to grow, diversify and upskill our existing workforce.

“We look forward to welcoming new colleagues as the project kicks off – and to reaffirming our existing partnership with Caley.”

Caley Ocean Systems Managing Director, John Munro said: “We’re pleased to be working with our key partner, Malin, to deliver this major project for our client. As a long-standing Glasgow-based company we are especially proud to see this latest stage of the project developing on the Clyde.”

The Malin Group are offering several new recruitment opportunities as part of this project.

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