Thousands of people in Renfrewshire are expected to vote in Local Government Elections today as polling stations opened at 7am.

Residents will choose 43 councillors who will be elected across 12 ward areas and those elected will represent Renfrewshire and sit on Renfrewshire Council for the next five years.

Polling Stations opened at 7am and will remain open until 10pm, with the votes counted and the results announced on tomorrow from the Lagoon Leisure Centre.

People casting their vote at a polling station should check their poll card as some venues may have changed since the previous election.

People who opted to vote by post but have missed the deadline to send it back are able to hand it in at any Renfrewshire polling station and there is a 10pm deadline for the replacement of lost or spoiled postal votes which can be obtained by calling the Election Office on 0141 618 2300.

The election uses the single transferable vote system (STV), with voters ranking candidates in order of preference, i.e., 1, 2, 3 etc. You are able to choose as many or as few candidates as you wish.

The SNP are currently the council minority administration in Renfrewshire.

See the full list of candidates in the Renfrewshire Local Government Elections 2022