:: 22 seats needed for a majority council ::  43 councillors to be elected

LATEST: This completes the Renfrewshire News live election feed. Thanks for visiting.

Posted: 03.51pm: The Renfrewshire Council Local Elections 2022 count is now complete.

SNP (21 seats) and Labour (15 seats) have both made gains of two each. Conservatives have losses going down to 5 seats from 8. Lib Dems remain the same on 1 and Andy Doig, in Ward 9, is the only Independent.

Posted: 03.25pm: Councillors elected in Ward 12 Erskine & Inchinnan:

Michelle Campbell – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Alec Leishman – Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Sam Mullin – Scottish Labour Party
Iain Nicolson – Scottish National Party (SNP)

Image: Alan Russell, the returning officer for Renfrewshire

Posted: 03.15pm: Awaiting the final set of results for Ward 12 Erskine & Inchinnan to be declared. The seat of Renfrewshire Council leader Iain Nicolson.

Posted: 03.08pm: Councillors elected in Ward 11 – Bishopton, Bridge of Weir and Langbank:

Fiona Airlie-Nicolson – Scottish National Party (SNP)
James MacLaren – Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Colin Alan McCulloch – Scottish Labour Party

Posted: 03.01pm: Nearly there, only two wards to go.

Image: Counting staff

Posted: 02.58pm: Councillors elected in Ward 10 Houston, Crosslee & Linwood:

Alison Ann-Dowling – Labour and Co-operative Party
Audrey Doig – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Robert Innes – Scottish National Party (SNP)
David McGonigle – Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Posted: 02.50pm: Three wards are still to declare.
SNP will be short of a majority but are sitting on 16 seats. There is still a chance for them to gain an extra seat from 19 to 20.
Labour are sitting at 12 seats with 4 candidates waiting to hear their fate. Before they had 13 seats. It’s looks like Labour will make gains.
The losers in this election will be the Scottish Conservative Party. In the last election they had 8 seats, just now they have 2.

Posted: 02.34pm: Councillors elected in Ward 9 Johnstone North, Kilbarchan, Howwood and Lochwinnoch:

Andy Doig – Independent
Chris Gilmour – Scottish Labour Party
Gillian Graham -Scottish Labour Party
Emma Rodden – Scottish National Party (SNP)

Posted: 02.29pm: Councillors elected in Ward 8 Johnstone South and Elderslie:

Jacqueline Cameron – Scottish National Party (SNP)
John Hood – Scottish Labour Party
Iain McMillan – Scottish Labour Party
Andy Steel – Scottish National Party (SNP)

Posted: 02.15pm: Councillors elected in Ward 7 Paisley Southwest:

Stephen Burns – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Lorraine Cameron – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Anne Hannigan – Scottish Liberal Democrats
Kevin Montgomery – Scottish Labour Party

Posted: 01.45pm: Councillors elected in Ward 6 Paisley Southeast:

Eddie Devine – Scottish Labour Party
Bruce MacFarlane – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Marie McGurk – Scottish National Party (SNP)

Posted: 01.34pm: Councillors elected in Ward 5 Paisley East and Central:

Carolann Davidson – Scottish Labour Party
John McNaughtan – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Will Mylet – Scottish National Party (SNP)

Posted: 01.22pm: Councillors elected in Ward 4 Paisley Northwest:

Kenny MacLaren – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Mags MacLaren – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Janis McDonald – Scottish Labour Party
Ben Smith – Scottish Labour Party

Posted: 12.46pm: Councillors elected in Ward 3 – Renfrew North and Braehead:

Jennifer Marion Adam-McGregor – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Graeme Clark– Scottish Labour Party
Neill Graham – Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Posted: 12.40pm: Councillors elected in Ward 2 – Paisley Northeast & Ralston:

Edward Grady – Scottish Labour Party
Cathy McEwan – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Jim Paterson – Scottish National Party (SNP)

Posted: 12.30pm: Councillors elected in Ward 1 – Renfrew North and Braehead:

John Gray – Scottish Conservative and Unionist,
Lisa-Marie Hughes – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Jamie McGuire – Scottish Labour Party
John Shaw – Scottish National Party (SNP)

Posted: 10.28am: We’ll bring you live updates and results as they come in from the the count at Lagoon Leisure Centre in Paisley. Today, 43 councillors across 12 ward areas will be announced.

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