The results are declared for Ward 4 Paisley Northwest:

Kenny MacLaren – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Mags MacLaren – Scottish National Party (SNP)
Janis McDonald – Scottish Labour Party
Ben Smith – Scottish Labour Party

Candidate Name Affiliation Number of First Preference Votes
Mark Bailey Scottish Liberal Democrats 128
Rona GRIEVE Scottish Family Party Pro-fmaily, Pro-Marrige, Pro-Life 75
Jim Halfpenny Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 46
Kenny MacLaren Scottish National Party (SNP) 1,305
Mags MacLaren Scottish National Party (SNP) 851
Janis McDonald Scottish Labour Party 852
John McIntyre Independent 119
Fraser Paul Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 443
Cara Rae Scottish Green Party 228
Ben Smith Scottish Labour Party 679
Samuel Yerokun Alba Party for Independence 53
Total 4,779