Councillor Iain Nicolson is expected to become Renfrewshire Council leader again after he was re-elected as head of Renfrewshire SNP council group.

At the groups AGM on Monday, Councillor Jacqueline Cameron was voted deputy leader, replacing Councillor Jim Paterson who did not put himself forward for the post.

SNP returned 21 members after the election on Friday which was two more from the 2017 council election.

22 members are required for a majority administration, however as they fall short of one seat, they are expected to return with a minority administration for a second term.

The full council will meet on Thursday, 19th May 2022 and Cllrs Nicolson and Cameron will nominated for the same roles at Renfrewshire Council. They are expected to win the vote making them leader and deputy, respectively.

Councillor Lorraine Cameron will be put forward to continue as provost and Councillor Cathy McEwan will be nominated for deputy provost.

Renfrewshire SNP group meet every year at their AGM to vote on roles within the group and this will be Cllr Nicolson’s sixth year as leader of the group.

Councillor Nicolson said: “The SNP group held its first AGM on Monday which appointed a new leadership. I am delighted that again they placed their trust in me to be the group leader and also that Cllr Jacqueline Cameron appointed as depute.

“Together we will be continuing to build on our success as a council administration and tackle the issues that face people in their day to day lives.

“We have a great team in our SNP group with a huge pool of talent and we will be putting forward a proposal to the full council next week which will hopefully see the formation of a new SNP administration for the next five years”

Main Photo (top of page): Photograph shows 18 of the elected 21 SNP members at the groups AGM on Monday night
Photo Credit: David Cameron / Renfrewshire News