A magazine with culture and lifestyle in Renfrewshire at their core has been crowned Lifestyle Magazine Of The Year by the 2022 Scottish Prestige Awards.

Mill Magazine, based at the Abbey Mill Business Centre in Paisley, announced their news on Facebook yesterday.

Mill is a free bi-monthly culture and lifestyle magazine that can be picked up at stockists around the area. The magazine is also available online and on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which a updated regularly.

Speaking in the wake of the win, Mill Magazine founder and designer Paul Dickson said: “It’s amazing to be recognised on a national level for the little magazine we produce for Renfrewshire.

“Our team pour their heart and soul into every issue, covering the people, businesses, organisations and events that make this region a brilliant place to live and work. I’d like to thank everyone who supported Mill Magazine and believed in what we were trying to do.”

Magazine editor Robert Blair said when he signed up to work with Mill, winning awards couldn’t have been further from his mind. He said: “For me, it was always about spotlighting the best that Renfrewshire had to offer in a way that was genuine, authentic and with the region’s best interest at heart.

“However, to hear that we’re being recognised for doing something that is very much a passion project certainly puts all of those frantic deadline days into perspective.

“Ultimately, none of it is possible without the thriving community that we have the privilege of delving into issue after issue and so, it’s an award that we very much share with the local people whose businesses, artistry and craftsmanship make this magazine possible.”

Mill Magazine will be profiled in the upcoming edition of the Scottish Prestige Guide and will collect the award later in the year.

You can visit Mill magazine at www.millmagazine.co.uk.