The SNP has returned as the administration of Renfrewshire Council after the first meeting of the full council today.

The Renfrewshire SNP group have agreed a Confidence and Supply Deal with Independent Councillor Andy Doig and were able to form a minority administration.

Councillor Iain Nicolson was appointed Leader of the Council, with Councillor Jacqueline Cameron appointed as Depute Leader.

Councillor Lorraine Cameron and Councillor Cathy McEwan both return as Provost and Depute Provost.

Other key roles were appointed today to elected members:

    • Leadership Board – As Council Leader and Depute Council Leader, Councillors Iain Nicolson and Jacqueline Cameron are automatically appointed as Convener and Depute Convener
    • Communities and Housing Policy Board – Councillor Marie McGurk as Convener and Councillor Robert Innes as Depute Convener
    • Economy and Regeneration Policy Board – Councillor Andy Steel as Convener and Councillor Michelle Campbell
    • Education and Children’s Services Policy Board – Councillor Emma Rodden as Convener and Councillor Jim Paterson as Depute Convener
    • Finance, Resources and Customer Services Policy Board – Councillor John Shaw as Convener and Councillor Fiona Airlie-Nicolson as Depute Convener
    • Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board – Councillor Michelle Campbell as Convener and Councillor Stephen Burns
    • Planning and Climate Change Policy Board – Councillor Jim Paterson as Convener and Councillor Bruce MacFarlane
    • Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Board – Independent Councillor Andy Doig was appointed as the Convener. A Depute Convener will be appointed at a later date from one of the opposition groups.

Council Leader Iain Nicolson said: “We’re delighted to be back to serve our local communities, focusing on the things people have told us matter to them.

“Supporting those in need and helping tackle some of the impacts of the cost of living are high priorities for my administration and I’m sure all councillors will support our plans to help those most in need. The past two years and the coronavirus pandemic have been one of the biggest challenges we’ve all faced and will have impacted everyone, and I would like to thank all the key workers who continued to provide vital public services, including our NHS workers, during this time and continue to do so.

“Our key focus will now be on our recovery plans, how we support communities and help our local businesses to grow and thrive.”

He added: “We know the local environment is important to our communities and helps people connect with and improves pride in our place. We will continue to invest in our green spaces and parks as well as play our part in tackling climate change.

“There are undoubtedly challenges ahead but my administration will continue to work hard for Renfrewshire, working with partners and our communities.”

Main photo: Council Leader Iain Nicolson and Provost Lorraine Cameron
Photo Credit: Official Renfrewshire Council photo