Green MSP Ross Greer has called on young people, parents and carers in Renfrewshire to have their say on new guidance which aims to make school uniforms cheaper.

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on how it will deliver a proposal to cap the cost of school uniforms. The proposed guidance will also address issues of equality, such as rules around gender which result in young women and girls paying more for their school uniform than boys.

Views are being sought from young people and their families, as well as schools, community groups and suppliers, with the consultation running until October.

Green MSP Ross Greer, a member of parliament’s education committee, has welcomed the consultation as an opportunity to reduce inequalities in the classroom and to support families facing the cost of living crisis.

Greer said: “School uniforms often place huge costs on families due to overly specific policies and too few suppliers, particularly at high school level. This new national guidance is an opportunity to let young people, parents and carers choose good value clothing which meets their school’s rules without needing to buy from expensive specialist retailers.

“This is also an opportunity to promote equality in our classrooms through inclusive guidance, from removing unnecessary rules around what each gender should wear, to ensuring appropriate options for religious clothing. I hope that local young people and families make their voices heard over the course of the consultation, so that any new guidance works for them.

“As families across the country face rising bills and sky-high inflation, I’m proud that Greens in Government are taking action to cut the cost of the school day and tackle the cost of living crisis through other policies such as raising the Scottish Child Payment and delivering free bus travel for young people.”

The consultation is running from 19th May to 14th October and can be found by searching for ‘school uniform’ at