A woman appeared to be “all happy” after she allegedly stabbed and murdered a man.

Stephanie Bowie is accused of killing Darren Russell, 21, close to the Grill in the Park Bar and Restaurant in Erskine, Renfrewshire on New Year’s Day 2021.
The 29 year-old denies the charge at her trial at the High Court in Glasgow.
Jurors were today played recorded evidence from Darren’s best friend Craig Smith.
The men had been with others in the grounds of Barsail Primary School in Erskine on January 1 last year.
This included 19 year-old Mark Bowie – the brother of the murder accused.
The 23 year-old witness told how Stephanie Bowie eventually arrived at the scene.
Craig had been aware of a “petty argument” between Darren and Mark Bowie before that.
He went on to state himself, the Bowies and Darren ended up close to the Grill in the Park restaurant.
Craig said he became aware of a knife when Stephanie Bowie “whipped it out”.
However, he initially believed she would not use the weapon due to the presence of CCTV cameras in the area.
Craig told prosecutor Lorraine Glancy he attempted to defuse matters and tried to get Mark Bowie to help.
Miss Glancy: “Who were you trying to calm down?”
The witness: “Stephanie – I was just trying to nullify the situation.
“I did not know why she was trying to go for my friend. I was trying to get Mark to calm his sister down.
“Me and Mark had a kind of discussion, argument…as I turned round he (Darren) just fell to the deck and she has come skipping past, all happy.”
Craig admitted he did not see his friend being struck only him “fall to the ground”.
Craig went on to help Darren back to his home nearby, but he never survived.
Alan Anderson was also part of the group at the school that day.
He was a friend of both Darren and Mark Bowie.
In a police statement, the 23 year-old said Mark had called his sister before the alleged murder. Mark had given Darren the phone during the call.
Alan then told the trial Stephanie Bowie showed up and shouted: “Don’t get wide with my brother.”
This witness recalled Darren going around the front of the school followed by the Bowies.
Miss Glancy: “What were you aware of next?”
Alan: “They came back round and she had a blade in her hand. She said: ‘He has just been done’.”
He said there was blood on the blade and to his “knowledge” also on her jacket.
The murder charge states Stephanie Bowie did repeatedly strike the Darren on the body with a knife.
Prosecutors allege before this the woman – along with Mark Bowie – assaulted Darren including punching and kicking him, brandishing a blade and chasing him.
Stephanie Bowie is further accused of threatening Craig Smith with a knife there and of having a blade.
Both Bowies are separately charged with attempting to defeat the ends of justice after the alleged murder.
Stephanie Bowie is then said to have been on bail when it is alleged she and Gary Howieson, 32, attacked Paul Sowerby at a house in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire on February 10 2021 to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.
She is separately accused of assaulting Alana McIlroy on the same date and place to her injury.
Stephanie Bowie also denies these charges. The two men also pled not guilty.
The trial, before judge Lord Weir, continues.