MUHD, Scotland’s first hair and makeup and special effects store for workers in TV, film and theatre industries, has launched its first series of multi-textured and afro hair courses to upskill industry professionals.

With diversity and inclusion at the forefront of the entertainment sector, the Hillington-based facility is ensuring skills within the workforce are elevated to facilitate all backgrounds and communities.

Emma Leigh Porter, founder and owner of MUHD, said: “By introducing this type of course we aim to broaden the depth of student’s technical knowledge ensuring their skillset is inclusive of all ethnicities. Within our industry, we have an exceptionally talented workforce of hair and make-up artists, and it is important for us as a business to continue that legacy while promoting inclusivity and skill development.

Photo: A design by Michelle Garande
Photo Credit: MUHD 

Photo: Michelle Garande at the MUHD facility
Photo Credit: MUHD 

“Having talent feel comfortable in your chair is the most important part of the creative process. No matter the background, we want to encourage a safe environment where both our artists and the talent they are working with, feel confident and comfortable in the delivery of their work.”

Although the industry has seen a significant increase in representation on-screen, it is still apparent there is a lack of diversity off-screen with people from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic groups still underrepresented. Particularly in the hair and makeup department, where artists work with all on-screen talent from all backgrounds, the importance of a diverse skill set is becoming highly sought after.

In an effort to close this skills gap, MUHD is facilitating multi-textured and afro hair courses run by award-winning afro hair specialist, Michelle Garande. With attendees taking part in a three-day master class, they learn everything from hair characteristics, styling techniques and product knowledge.

Michelle Garande said; “Our world is beautifully diverse, and it’s crucial to honour that representation across our industries, especially the entertainment sector where it has taken a long time to get where we are today. Gaining knowledge and skills with afro and multi-textured hair, as a stylist, is not only important, but hugely beneficial – particularly when understanding the stark differences between textures in comparison to Caucasian and Asian hair types.

“It’s great to see companies such as MUHD providing training for the industry that ensures experienced stylists, and students alike, gain the skills needed to build confidence and talent in hair knowledge. It lays the foundation for inclusiveness of all hair groups when it comes to working with talent from all walks of life.”

Launched as a hub for all creatives within the TV, film, theatre, and entertainment industry, MUHD opened its doors in 2021. Founded by Emma Leigh Porter and Gemma Lichovska in 2021, the store was initially opened to provide industry professionals with essential tools and products, that previously could only be sourced online or in London.

Following a successful first year in business, the store has expanded its offering to provide training courses and masterclasses across multiple industry disciplines. Some of the courses include wig setting and dressing, special effects, drag performance makeup, synthetic wig styling, and the newly added afro hair styling course.

For more information on MUHD, visit: or visit in person at 8 Queensberry Ave, Hillington, G52 4NL.

Photo: MUHD is Scotland’s first hair and makeup and SFX store for workers in TV, film and theatre industries
Photo Credit: MUHD 

Photo: Michelle Garande with students and professional clients
Photo Credit: MUHD