Councillors have agreed to review safer travel between Linwood and the Phoenix Retail Park.

Phoenix Retail Park currently hosts Asda superstore, a large number of car show rooms, Showcase Cinema and several food and shopping outlets. The A737 trunk road and Linclive roundabout have presented a barrier for the Linwood community reaching the Phoenix without the use of a car.

Councillor Robert Innes’ motion, seconded by Councillor Andy Steel a todays full meeting of the full council, asked members to consider the lack of connectivity between the town and the retail park and asked that the council explore options to implement a safe travel route for pedestrians walking or wheeling between the areas.

The Scottish Government’s Place Based Investment programme (PBIP) is channeling capital investment into local economies and places to deliver economic growth, better places and make progress towards zero carbon targets.

Renfrewshire Council’s Regeneration team have commissioned a travel feasibility report in line with Renfrewshire Council’s net zero targets. The focus is on the infrastructure that is required to enable a step change in active travel particularly to and from work and places of education.

Linwood Councillor Robert Innes, who proposed the motion, said: “If you have ever had to walk to the Phoenix from Linwood via the Linclive roundabout you will know yourself how dangerous this can be. I can’t imagine how an elderly resident or someone with a pram could get over that road.”

“We are encouraging more active travel in Renfrewshire as we try to reduce our carbon footprint. The Phoenix is a big area with lots to do and I find it ridiculous that the Linwood community is so cut off from its own retail park.

“Myself and Cllr Steel’s motion asked council to recognise the lack of connectivity in the area and asked that we explore options into implementing safer access which will improve road safety and active travel in Linwood. I was really pleased to see cross party agreement on the motion.”

Councillor Andy Steel added: “This is an extremely positive move. Improving active travel in Renfrewshire has so many benefits, from playing our part in combating the climate emergency to improving our physical and mental wellbeing.”

“Providing better active travel here will give more residents access to facilities such as food and retail outlets. It will also improve access for the many people that work in the Phoenix Retail Park and the surrounding industrial area.”

“This work getting carried out will also make active travel to the town of Linwood more accessible for my own constituents, this is a step in the right direction.”

Main Photo: Cllr Robert Innes at Linclive roundabout between Linwood and Phoenix Retail Park
Photo Credit: Cllr Inness