XSite Braehead has gifted a brand-new bike to a lucky Renfrewshire child who has recently completed their cycling safety training.

P7 pupil, Miah Taylor, from Kirklandneuk Primary School in Renfrew has been gifted a bike from Evans Cycles as a congratulations for completing their Bikeability training and demonstrating what they learned to keep safe while cycling.

Over 100 children at the school have taken part in the event.

Photo:  (Left to Right) Rosalind Gibson, Marketing Manager at XSite Braehead and Miah Taylor, P7 pupil from Kirklandneuk Primary School in Renfrew 
Photo Credit (including headline image): Sandy Young / scottishphotographer.com

Bikeability is the government’s national, in-school, cycle learning programme. It helps children grasp necessary practical skills to understand how to cycle safely, which is extremely important for children who cycle to and from school.

As part of their Bikeability training, pupils were asked to create posters highlighting cycling safety, and XSite Braehead will be displaying these posters within the centre.

Rosalind Gibson, Marketing Manager at XSite Braehead, said: “It’s great that children are being encouraged to learn about how to be safe while cycling, and we are delighted to help raise awareness of Bikeability by exhibiting the young people’s work.”

Jay Smith McKnight, Acting Depute Head Teacher at Kirklandneuk Primary, said: “We always want to encourage our pupils to take part in Bikeability, so we’re grateful to XSite Braehead for rewarding cycle safety.”

XSite Braehead is open 7 days a week, from 9am until midnight. Evans Cycles, located within XSite, is open Monday-Saturday from 9-6, and Sunday 10-5.

By 2025, Bikeability will have helped over 5 million children take part in cycling safety training to learn how to cycle more confidently, and more often. If you would like more information on Bikeability, visit: www.bikeability.org.uk.