A man freed early from jail slit a man’s throat in a brutal murder bid.

Stephen Paterson, 39, attacked William Pinkerton with a Stanley knife at the victim’s flat in Renfrew last 19th July.

The serial criminal was only back on the street on 4th June having been released from a two-year sentence for having an offensive weapon.

Mr Pinkerton fortunately survived the slashing which was close to the carotid artery.

Paterson is now back behind bars after he pled guilty to attempted murder at the High Court in Glasgow today.

A judge heard how Mr Pinkerton had not long returned home when he was attacked.

He had earlier clocked Paterson – who he knew – and another man walking close to his flat.

Mr Pinkerton later heard his front door being knocked and found Paterson there when he answered.

Prosecutor Leanne McQuillan told the court: “He immediately tried to close the door, but Paterson forced it open.

“Mr Pinkerton ended up on his back and started kicking out.

“He could see Paterson with what looked like a Stanley knife in his hand.

“Paterson then struck him with the knife slashing down on the right side of his neck with considerable force.”

The thug and his friend fled the scene as the blood-soaked victim managed to call his mother for help.

He stated: “Mum, you will need to come and get me.”

Mr Pinkerton ended up outside his home before being rushed to hospital.

The court heard he will fortunately make a full recovery from the large neck wound, but will be permanently scarred.

Paterson was held the day after the attack and stated to police: “No comment – has anyone else been charged?”

Any motive to the crime was not revealed in court.

Gavin Strachan, 40, had also been accused today of the attempted murder.

He had his not guilty plea accepted, but he did admit being involved in the assault and robbery of stranger Allan Woods elsewhere in Renfrew also on July 19.

Mr Woods was tailed to his home after withdrawing money at a cash machine.

An accomplice assaulted the man while Strachan rifled through his pockets.

They escaped with money, a bank card and a set of keys.

Lady Scott remanded both Paterson and Strachan in custody pending sentencing next month in Stirling.