Councillors Kenny MacLaren and Bruce MacFarlane are supporting the ‘Cut the Clutter’ campaign which promotes a better walking environment to inspire people to walk more.

Charity Living Streets’ ‘Cut the Clutter’ week, which runs from 11th to 17th July, aims to highlight the impact that street clutter has on people being able to walk freely around their local communities.

In a report to promote this campaign Living Streets have found that the most common obstructions were parked vehicles (mentioned by 58% of people in their survey), bins (50%) and badly-placed lampposts and signs (19%).

Such clutter has an impact on pedestrians wanting to walk short journeys rather than taking the car but is especially a problem for people with wheelchairs, buggies or even those with guide dogs.

Although Scotland made history in 2019 by introducing a nationwide ban on pavement parking, councils are still waiting on guidance on how to implement this ban.

Photo: Renfrewshire News has covered Cllr MacLaren many times as he highlights parked cars blocking pavements. This image shows Kenny in Marchfield Avenue, Paisley back in 2018. The image shows overgrown grass, a badly positioned lamppost and cars parked on a pavement.
Photo Credit: Kenny MacLaren

Councillor Kenny MacLaren, SNP Paisley Northwest said: “The report by Living Streets highlights that one in four people would be more likely to walk locally if pavements were clutter-free”

“I’ve raised the issue of pavement parking quite a few times, there is no excuse for lazy motorists who think only of themselves and not others who often have to walk on busy roads to get around inappropriately parked cars.

“The Cut the Clutter campaign is a great way of highlighting the problems facing many pedestrians but especially those who use wheelchairs, push prams or buggies or those who need a guide dog.

Bruce MacFarlane, SNP councillor for Paisley Southeast, added: “I fully support his campaign – anything that helps to make walking safer should be supported.

“There are too many incidents of cars parking on pavements and other street clutter such as A-boards placed on pavements without any thought given to those with mobility issues.”