M&S Food in Paisley and Braehead want their customers to have a fun filled fiesta this summer with their Tex Mex Family Dine In for just £15.

Serving four and including two mains and four extra dishes, it carries a saving of £12.

The Tex-Mex Family Dine in is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone at the dinner table.

Top picks from the menu have got to be the slow-cooked pork with smoky bean sauce, golden halloumi, crispy fries and creamy chipotle slaw.

For dessert, fried churros with chocolate sauce and a cinnamon sugar sprinkle.

Find the Tex-Mex Family Dine In deal in store now.

Other options include a Stir Fry Dine In for two and get a pack of veg, protein, sauce and noodles for just £6. Or, have a fuss-free dinner for two with our Gastropub Dine In, including a top-quality main, a side and either a starter or dessert for just £12.

Another option is a Pizza Night feast of a Dine In and pick up two pizzas and two extras for £12.

Full menu below:
Choose TWO Mains:

Spicy Chilli Marinated Half Chicken

Cheesy Chilli Beef Nachos

Smokey Fajita Chicken Escalopes

Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

2 Rump Steak Burgers

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

Fish Taco Goujons

Halloumi Grills (V)

Plant Kitchen Vegan Bean Chilli (Ve)


*Max saving based on following menu: 2 x Cheesy Chilli Beef Nachos and 4 x Churro

Choose FOUR Extras:

Fries (Ve)

Fajita Spiced Potato Wedges

Spicy Rice (Ve)

Jalapeno Popper Bites (V)

Chipotle Coleslaw (V)

PK Cauliflower Popcorn (Ve)

4 Corn Cobettes (Ve)

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Smoky BBQ Pit Beans (Ve)

10 Churros (Ve)

2 Mango & Lime Cheesecakes (V)

Triple Chocolate Brownie (V)

If you would like more information on the offer, visit: www.marksandspencer.com/c/food-to-order/dine-in.