A former Scots junior footballer was cleared yesterday of raping a woman on the same day he signed a new contract.

Reece McGillion, 29, was alleged to have attacked the woman in Linwood, Renfrewshire, on 12th July, 2020.

McGillion, of the city’s Possilpark, met the then 20-year-old at a team party to celebrate getting new deals at Renfrew FC.

The pair and another woman went back to team mate Patrick O’Keefe’s home.

Prosecutor Eilidh Robertson told a jury in her closing speech that the woman did not feel well and had been sick.

The pair went into Mr O’Keefe’s bedroom while the team mate and the other woman remained downstairs.

Miss Robertson stated that the woman had given consent to “initial sexual contact.”

She said that the woman had been “Quite clear to McGillion that she changed her mind and withdrew consent.”

She added that the woman had told the jury that she had “zoned out” and was “lying like a corpse.”

McGillion was asked in his evidence by his lawyer Callum Hiller if the woman suggested that she did not want it to happen.

McGillion replied: “No.”

He later stated that sexual contact stopped after he was told: “Not like that” and “That’s forceful, stop.”

McGillion – a former Hamilton Accies youth who works as a sales rep for a family business – claimed the accusations have suspended his application to join the fire service.

The ex-defender added that he does not play football and spends his time working or with his daughter.

McGillion sobbed in the dock as the jury found him not proven against the charge of rape and sexual assault.

Members of his family were heard shouting: “Knew it.”

Judge Lady Stacey said: “You understand the jury brought back a verdict of not proven which means you are acquitted and free to leave.”

As McGillion passed the jury – who were allowed in court – he said: “Thanks a lot.”