Plans have been submitted to Renfrewshire Council for a coffee shop and a large service station at the roundabout near to Lochwinnoch.

The plans have been submitted by Euro Garages. They want to build on land adjacent to A737 Roadhead Roundabout, Lochwinnoch.

The proposal is a roadside services area comprising of a petrol station and EVC charging points, one main retail unit with a drive-thru, and a second food and drink drive-thru unit along with car parking.

The development would be built on agricultural / green land.

Photo: Computer generated image of how the new development could look 
Photo Credit: Clarendon Planning and Development

The application reads: “Given the location of the site on the A737 from north Ayrshire to Glasgow M8, together with the lack of a modern Roadside Service Areas on this part of the strategic road network it is recognised that the demand for roadside facilities from existing motorists is likely to be high for both traditional refuelling and electric vehicle charging (EVC).

The filling station would focus on the demand for electric charging with 8 electric vehicle charging points however the firm anticipates that the number of EVC points provided within the service station will increase as demand for recharge points increases.

The application continues: “It should be noted that with the Government’s promotion for a wider electric vehicle charging network the coffee shop element becomes an increasingly important facility within recharging hubs/ Roadside Service Areas, as it caters for motorists who need to wait and charge their cars.

“This is especially relevant when the average electric car recharging time is approximately 1 hour.

“The provision of a coffee shop is becoming a common requirement demanded by electric vehicle drivers, as most drivers prefer to wait and have refreshment, use Wi-Fi and clean public conveniences, while their car recharges. The proposed development responds to modern driver requirements.”

The application, submitted on behalf of Euro Garages by Clarendon Planning and Development, has been fully submitted and is awaiting a decision by Renfrewshire Council.

Photo: Ariel view (top image) of the area and a detailed drawing of the development (second image) 
Photo Credit: Clarendon Planning and Development