My conference call with Edward Snowden by Catherine Jones
The doors opened. Suited serious looking adults shouldered their way into the room in order to secure the best seats. A large projector screen hung from the ceiling and the technicians were fussing over the laptop. Suddenly, his familiar face appeared on this screen. Read more
Opinion: Paisley graffiti reaches new heights after daredevil tags George Street flat
OPINION BY DAVID CAMERON Graffiti costs the UK taxpayer millions of pounds a year to clean up at a time when the NHS is struggling to care for the relentless flood of sick and those who put themselves selfishly in harm’s way. Read more
The Unwanted Companion – One Man’s Journey with Motor Neurone Disease
By Kate Lennon, Chief Executive St. Vincent’s Hospice Today, Thursday 21st June, is Global Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Awareness Day 2018, committed to raising awareness of MND and the impact this has on thousands of people and families all across the world every year. At St. Vincent’s Hospice in Renfrewshire, we... Read more
Photo: Paisley punk band Fire Exit at Audio Glasgow
Paisley punk band Fire Exit, along with The Media Whores, Red Eyes, Threat, Shock and Awe and Blacklist celebrated drummer Lawrie Kennedy’s birthday at Audio in Glasgow. Read more
Underwood Lane residents ‘team up to clean up’
Underwood Lane residents in the West End of Paisley, all be it in small numbers, took to the streets in support of Renfrewshire Councils drive to clean up our inner cities and surrounding areas. Read more
Paisley punk band Fire Exit – photos from their Christmas gig in Glasgow
David Cameron at Audio Glasgow Paisley Punk Band Fire Exit’ Christmas party gig played with The Zips from Glasgow, The Cundeez from Dundee, Church of Confidence from Germany and Monkish from London had the audience on their feet throughout the night. Read more