Tom Arthur, MSP has warned that the Westminster Government’s amendments to Westminster’s EU Withdrawal Bill pose a significant threat to Renfrewshire South’s food sector. Read more
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society Scotland were in the Scottish Parliament this week to raise awareness of the important role research plays in the lives of people affected by MS. Read more
Legislation to establish Scottish Social Security System passed by Parliament
Renfrewshire MSP Derek Mackay has said the new Scottish Social Security System will be built on dignity and respect. Read more
Renfrewshire SNP councillors welcome Youth Commission to research services for young people
A team of young people are aiming to improve mental health services by leading a study commissioned by the Scottish Government as part of a 10 year Mental Health Strategy launched last year. Read more
MP visits Renfrewshire Community Safety Partnership Hub
Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has visited an innovative facility in Renfrewshire to find out about the work they’re doing to keep local people safe. Read more
Tom Arthur SNP MSP for Renfrewshire South has hailed the news that the Scottish Government has already exceeded its Programme for Government pledge to deliver fibre broadband to more than 95% of premises in Scotland as a “landmark achievement.” Read more
MSP pledges support to new national campaign: say no to puppy dealers
Tom Arthur, MSP MSP for Renfrewshire South has signed the pledge to #saynotopuppydealers in order to help combat illegal puppy farming and is urging others to do the same. Read more
MP Newlands urges UK to work with the international community to find solution for Syria
Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North has spoken tonight of his thoughts on the suspected chemical attack in Douma, Syria. He said that the UK Government’s response to the attack must be authorised by Parliament, and not to ‘follow President Trump’s tweets and take military action’.... Read more
Renfrewshire MP seeks sports funding commitment from UK Government
A local politician has called on the UK Government to guarantee that the Scottish Government, and other UK devolved administrations, receive sports funding after it came to light that the Westminster Government plan to spend £560M to support the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Read more
MSP Derek Mackay deals with his 10,000th constituency case
Seven years since his election Derek Mackay has this week dealt with his 10,000th constituent case as MSP for Renfrewshire North & West.  Read more