A Renfrewshire councillor is encouraging the public to get involved in public consultation on lifting Covid 19 lockdown restrictions.

The Scottish Government has published two documents (one on 23rd April and the update on 5th May) looking at a framework for Decision Making regarding coming out of the Covid -19 lockdown. These are important documents as is the consultation surrounding how Scotland should move forward. This includes proposed changes and options about:

    • staying at home
    • visiting other households
    • resuming care and support for those most affected by the current restrictions
    • businesses that have been subject to restrictions or closure
    • allowing pupils to return to school

To encourage everyone to get involved in these plans, the Scottish Government has set up an online resource allowing everyone to make their views clear on what should happen next. To get involved, visit https://bit.ly/leavinglockdown.

SNP councillor, Cllr Kenny MacLaren for Paisley Northwest, said: “The Scottish Government has opened a consultation on proposed plans to ease the lockdown restrictions and are looking for people’s views on how to overcome the challenges ahead. I would encourage everyone in Paisley Northwest, Paisley and Renfrewshire to get involved.

“The priority is to protect people’s lives, to ensure as few people as possible contract Covid -19. However, we have to plan ahead for how and when we can start removing the lockdown restrictions but keep in mind that if the infection rate rises, further lockdowns may have to be reimposed.

“To keep the public onside with the current and potential future lockdowns, it’s important that everyone has their say on what we should do next.

“Currently over 1200 comments have already been made on this site, so it is worth going online and making your views heard.”

Main photo: Nicola Sturgeon at a press briefing 7th May 2020

By Ricky Kelly

Main writer for Renfrewshire News